Who Builds your Tiny Mountain Home

I would like to introduce myself to you and give you some of my background to put your mind at ease that  you have hired a competent and reliable contractor to build your new home.

My name is Dana Hummel. I have lived in Youbou on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia for the past 25 years and will remain here for the rest of my days.

The pictures of the gardens and ponds displaying our Tiny Mountain Homes are creations that I have built by hand over the past 15 years. I have loved building and creating these oasis’s in the back yards of our clients and they have given me great pleasure and expanded my creativity.


Prior to starting up Merlins Watergardens  I worked in the construction industry for 20 yrs as a cabinet maker and renovated my home and others. I continue to work on ponds and renovations as I am a workaholic that has the philosophy that if what I create is not good enough for me then I will not do it for someone else.

Below are pictures of our gardens and scenes from around the town of Youbou.


Come out for a visit and enjoy the beauty that we have loved for the past 25 years. We always have room for one or two more friends.

How it started

My passion for getting involved in the Tiny Mountain Homes has evolved over the past year.

When we first moved here to Youbou we purchase a beautiful 3.25 acre property in the center of Youbou that has a year round creek running thru the middle of it with waterfalls from 5’ to 30’  high. We have named this property Ferngully as you can see from the pictures it was appropriately named,

The Tiny Mountain Home will be set up on this property for guests or for those that want to experience what it is like to live the tiny life.

Ferngully is a totally private retreat to experience.


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