What is in Our Tiny Mountain Homes

The first item would be the designing of Tiny Mountain Homes.

We use Google SketchUp in designing the home. This program is really quite easy to learn and work with. The best I have worked with so far, but I am not an architect.

The Tiny Project house

I found a model of a 20’ trailer in sketchup models and worked from there. My first thoughts were how to increase the headroom in the original tiny home designs. I was looking at a barn style roof line originally. That design is evolving as I type. I searched all the tiny home websites for a design that I liked. After a month or so I finally came across the website for The Tiny Project and followed their blog on Facebook to see how the building progressed. After a while I contacted Alek Lisefski and asked if I may use his concept and alter what I wanted to fit my property and my preferences.

Alek was kind enough to grant me to use his design concept and I have now created FernGully.

Alek and I have now worked together to develope the plans for Tiny Project House. Both plans are now available for sale. Click here to view available tiny house plans.

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